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Deep Learning Applications 

We provide deep learning solutions on the cloud using AWS and GCP Tools. We have developed applications for processing large data in the form of videos, images and text. Our solutions have been used for e-commerce, insurance, BFSI and healthcare sectors.  We develop models based on LLMs, Gen-AI, RAG-AI, R-CNN, YOLOR algorithms. Applications include CCTV/Web face super resolution tools for identification, chatbots / recommender systems for e-commerce applications, processing manual paperwork and many more. We are a successful team of mathematicians and developers who are committed to your cause.

SAP S4/Hana

Charioteer Software is a leading IT consulting firm that specializes in SAP S4 Hana BI, Salesforce integration, ARIBA and more. Our company's mission is to provide businesses with innovative and reliable solutions that can help them achieve their operational and financial goals. We work with you from start to finish, analyzing your current systems and developing customized solutions that fit your specific requirements. Our team of certified professionals has extensive experience working on projects ranging from large-scale integration to specialized software development. 

Cloud and Mobile Application Development

Fitness App

At Charioteer Software, we provide expert IT consulting services with a focus on cloud and mobile development. We have built ecommerce sites, integrated with proprietary on-prem products as well as developed numerous mobile solutions. In some cases with AI/ML components.

We provide solutions and support for Java, Spring, NodeJS, React, Python, Sql and NoSql databases, Android and iOS applications. 

We utilize agile development methodologies and work with customers to deliver optimal outcomes. We approach problems from a 360 degree perspective to achieve business objectives

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